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Money Insurance

Although most hotel rooms are paid for by credit cards these days, many hotels still have large amounts of cash on their premises, especially if they have a bar or restaurant, and even more so if the bar or restaurant is open to non-residents.

Money is extremely attractive to thieves. Also, unlike other items like fixtures and fittings or computer equipment, the value held on the premises varies from day to day. As such, insurers deal with the theft of money under a seperate policy (or seperate policy section) rather than insuring it under the normal theft policy.

As well as providing cover for theft of money from your premises the policy also covers you for theft of money while it is in transit, for instance when you are taking it to a bank night safe.

Because money is so attractive to thieves it is not uncommon for thieves to use force against employees taking it to the bank. To minimise the risk of robbery to your staff you should use a security company for larger amounts of money, and for smaller amounts of money your staff should vary their route to the bank where possible.

The insurance arranged by Hotel Secure includes a "Assault" extension. This pays a lump sum to your employees if they are permanently disabled in a robbery, or a weekly benefit to them if they are temporarily unable to work following an injury sustained in a robbery.

Available Policies

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