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Employer's Liability Insurance

The "duty of care" applies to all aspects of life. We must ensure that others do not suffer because of a lack of care on our part.

If, as a result of our lack of care an employee is injured, they can sue us for damages. "Injured" includes injuries that result in death, and it also includes contracting a disease. These damages are what Employers' Liability Insurance covers.

Employers' Liability insurance also covers legal defence costs. The increasing numbers of "no win no fee solicitors" advertising means that there is an increasing number of claims being made. Many of these are settled with no payment to the claimant, but the legal defence costs can still be considerable and often they cannot be recovered from the losing claimant.

The law makes it compulsory for you to buy Employers' Liability insurance with an indemnity limit of at least £5,000,000. Policies issued by Hotel Secure have a £10,000,000 indemnity limit as standard at no extra cost. Hotel Secure can arrange higher limits if required, but higher limits are not usually necessary for hotels.

You must display the current insurance certificate prominently, and the certificates need to be kept for 40 years because some diseases can take time for the symptoms to develop. An example could be if you had asbestos lagging on the pipes in your hotel. An employee exposed to this asbestos might not display symptoms of asbestosis until 20-25 years after they were exposed to it.

Available Policies

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